BJR Client Race Day

BJR Client Race Day

BJR Client Race Day organised for 5 lucky Rosche guests to hop in the Brad Jones Racing V8 and take a hot lap around iconic Sandown Raceway. Not for the faint hearted with speeds reaching 200+ km our 5 brave guests; Chefs Hat (Henry, Vanda and Will), Savill Packaging (Russell) and CCS Chemicals (Geoff) were eager and excited to take their spot in the V8 Holden.

Another element that added to the excitement of the day was the weather. The heavens opened and drenched the track with fresh layer of rain. Given that safety is the number one priority for the teams, the wet weather tyres were added to the vehicles.

We also ran into an issue of noise which due to the rolling in of heavy cloud the track officials asked the teams to see if they could reduce the noise levels of their cars, otherwise we ran the risk of having to cancel the rest of the event. With the genius of the mechanics and the use of some simple household items, they were able to reduce the noise levels of the vehicles from 92Db to 78Db and thankfully they were given the thumbs up from the officials to start again.

As the lines reduced and we were getting closer to driving the V8’s, you could see that adrenaline and excitement with a pinch of nervousness started to kick in. Each of our guests took their turns and raced around the track with their designated drivers, once they returned back to the pits you could clearly see from their wide eyes and smiles from ear to ear that not only did they want more, but they were also happy to go faster.

Overall, it was a fantastic day even with the weather misbehaving. A great experience for our 5 brave souls who have been given a glimpse into a world that not many get to experience firsthand.

Well done to all and we look forward to the next event!

Posted on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 (Archive on Monday, December 21, 2015)